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When you sign up to be a source you will receive many benefits.


First we only send out a weekly email with fun information and the password to the ad section of the website. You can not respond to ads if you don't have a password.


Source's response that are used in an article are promoted with their name or bio, or link to their site. When the ad is finished you will be sent a link that you can share with all your friends. 

Just for being a source, you are automatically entered into giveaways. 

We love our mature audiences as they are the best sources to have. Make sure to let us know you are over the age of 65 so we can put you in the group for extra giveaways geared just for you. 

Businesses/Bloggers/Influencers can be sources as well. This is a great way to get your business promoted when you answer other's ads. 


How To Be A Great Source

Why Place An Ad?


In order to advertise to some marketing businesses, a business/blogger has to have a million hits on their site. New sites are struggling to get traffic. We change a low fee for an ad with as many ways we can come up with to help businesses/bloggers get traffic and be known. 

When an ad is placed the business/blogger is added to our sources. This way you will get the weekly email with the password to get into the ad page. This will allow the business/blogger to see what others are placing ads for and the creativeness they are using.


If you place an ad by Friday, Monday sources will be responding, by the next week the business/blogger will have information to start writing and article or do further research.

Every ad has a link to the site so sources can learn more about the business/blog. This will help to not only bring traffic to a site, but get the word out about what the business/blog is about.

We will bring you sources to help you with writing your content, creating authority, and helping with special projects, testimonies, and more.


The content that customers make will promote the source and send them a link so they can share the information with their friends. This will get more traffic to the customers business/blog.


Bloggers are not always subject experts and need to utilize specialists to add weight to their articles. We have many sources which are experts and why we ask when sources sign up if they have a degree.  You can ask for sources with degrees to answer your ad.

Send your articles to other journalist and news source. This will get more backlinks to a customers site.


Interviews can be time-consuming to arrange and pull together. Customers can place an ad with specific questions to answer. Once they receive those answers and find the perfect candidate they can set up a follow up for an in depth interview.


Long-form educational guides referred to by some as “power pages” can be a great way to earn links from both resource pages and contextually. Ask our sources the right questions and you will have some great responses to add to the guide.. Then write a guide on how to make improvement.


Consider collaborating with a source that is complementary (not competing) brand. With two marketing teams promoting the content, this can be an effective way to get more traffic, get known for what your blog is about, and find more subscribers you might not have reached.


We help influencers when they respond to ads  or place ads. Offer insight and comment to a business/blog that is in your field and they will promote you? Place and ad and our retired experts who have incites, know how the industry not only works, but where it need improvement! You will stand out way above your competitors doing the same.


When a company puts together stories backed by their own data, collected through a survey, they position their content as highly attractive to newspapers, industry publications, and the like. Typically, you need at least 2,000 respondents for the press to consider it a fair piece of research. Ask a few questions in an ad and do a further question and answer with the sources who had good responses. Provide and incentive to continue the answer the questions besides just being promoted as a source.


Do a giveaway with us to get more traffic or build a subscribers list. Companies can give away a free product and then ask for testimonies.


If you know what your target audience wants and needs, you should be able to create some great content and drive traffic, rankings, links, and conversions up. Be A Source can help you do just that. If you are not using our services, maybe you should. 

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"I needed a source to write an article but did not know where to look. Then I found be a source and my problem was solved.

I had a lot of sources to choose from who were all knowledgeable."


"I have responded to several ads and had recognition in several articles. One was about my experience as an Uber driver. I was quoted in the article and they used my photo! 


"I just started my blog and needed a source for an article. Other business that provide the same services had a stipulation that you had to have 100,000 hits on your blog. Not with be a source!: