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Sources have great in-site when they answer your ad, information you never even thought of. 


You may know something about the subject, but our source may have worked in the field for years!


Sources have first hand knowledge on the problems faced, the problems resolved, and how problems were solved. 


Wouldn't you like inside information like this for your article? 


What are you waiting for?

Place your ad today!

                  Information On Placing An Ad!


Pay and place your ad by Friday (EST), and we will post the ad information on Monday. Sources will receive and email with a password to the page of ads of that week.

*Ads can be placed for testimonies, product reviews, research and more. The responses can be done not only by email, but videos, phone appointments and more! This site is not just to write articles.


Then sit back and try to keep busy because your sources will be responding soon.


 *We have one requirement, you must promote the source if you use their information.  Name, photo, and quote. 

                      How To Create An Ad

1) Subject Line: Business Name

2) Link to your site. (Creates a backlink)

3)What you need from the source. Don't be afraid to ask that they have a degree.

4) Format: Do you need the information in a video, email, Zoom meeting, or a phone appointment? Let the source know exactly what you need from them.

5) How you will promote the source if you use their information.

* Don't forget to send them a link to the article or other information they can share with their friends.  Learn More

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Be A Source has the right to deny any ad they do not feel is appropriate to place. We do not allow information regarding soliciting to minors, sex, violence, or pornography.


Be A Source

Have you used out site? We need testimonies!

Looking for the pretty, bad and the ugly of our business. No better way to get that information than from our customers. Email your response to Leave your name as you would like it to appear, a head shot, and title of your position in what you claim you do in life. (pssst you don't have to say, you can be creative.) 

Pay for an ad and then email us the information for the ad to Manager@BeAsource.Net.

Make sure to add the steps 1-5 in the email.


Monday your ad will be listed on a password protected site and an email will be sent to the sources to view the ads.


We have other advertisements you can purchase. We would love to email you a price list. Just let us know and we will get you that information.


You can also become a source if interested. We would love to have you be in the know of all the fun things we are doing. In your email just let us know to add you as a source.