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February 22nd - February 28th

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March 1st - March 6th

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We love our sources and try and make everything we do fun for them!

Torture Trauma Therapy

Do you want a free business ad on our new website?

We are looking for businesses to advertise on our site until we get paid advertisers. Even if you do not own a business, you can make suggestions to us on who you think might want free advertising for their business. Message us at Info@TortureTraumaTherapy.com

Until we read the information on the website, we had no clue the courts were torturing families. Thank you for helping to get the word out about this and help families heal from this torture. Keep up the good work!


Nancy Barton (Granny)

Do you know a mother whose children were taken illegally by false information?

For free I will add their name to a plaque and hang it on my fence. I am bringing awareness to how many children have been illegally removed from their loving parents. Private message me on my Facebook page. Thank you.

What a wonderful thing to do for others Nancy. We are sorry that this has happened in your own life as well and we hope you get to see those precious grand babies soon.


Slam The Gavel

Do you know an advocate exposing corruption in the government?Looking for others to interview for a pod cast that mainly exposes corruption in the family court system. Contact us by filling out our form on Dismantling Family Court Corruption. 

Thank you so much for your wonderful pod cast that is education others on the corruption of the family court. We are so sorry that you had to endure the suffering caused by family court in your own story.



Do you think children eating Tide Pods and putting Gorilla Glue on their hair are trying to get attention because they are hurting?

We would love to hear your opinion on this matter. Make sure to leave you name as you want it shown, and your headshot to InflictEzine@gmail.com.


This site was created by a woman who wanted to make this a pay it forward kind of magazine. Once you purchased, downloaded, and read. You would print it and then give it away by placing at your doctor’s office, leaving at the local library, or taking to the hospital. What a great idea and we hope once things are open and back on track this ezine succeeds. Thank you for all that you do to help others.


Motions 4 Sale

Are you planning on writing a motion and talking about the court using torture techniques?

We want to know how you are going to explain this in a motion and how you can show example of this in your case. Send the information to FamilyCourtMotions4Sale@gmail.com along with your name as you want it to appear.

This site was originally created to help women of domestic violence continue to help fight for their kids. Knowing that these moms have a hard time doing something like this and having PTSD, the information was made as simple as possible. Thank you for all your hard work!


Girl Plan 101

How would you change the dating world?

If you ruled the world and could change how the dating process worked, how would you do it. Tell is in 300 words or less. The funnier the better. Make sure to leave your name and a headshot to GirlPlan101@gmail.com

The dating game is not fun and we appreciate Girl Plan helping us tread the waters and trying to make the subject as funny as possible.


Family Court Classified Listings

Are you planning on attending any marches, demonstrations, rallies this summer?

We want to hear about what issues you are planning on getting the word out in 2021. Please tell us why you want to make these issues stand out, known, and need a change. Email you answers to FamilyCourtClassifiedListings@gmail.com and leave us your name.


Thank you for helping to promote businesses that deal with the family court and the hard work parents are doing.


Child Protection Services Coach

How would you change the Federal program Title IV B that gives incentives to protection services caseworkers to take children?

Instead of incentives to take children, what could happen instead to make the system stop making false allegations to take children. Let us know in 500 words or less and send the information to ChildProtectionsServicesCoach@gmail.com along with your name as you want it to appear.


The blog was created to help parents whose children are by protection services and false information provided to illegally take children for Federal funds. Thank you for helping these parents.


NonCustodial Mother’s Day

How did you feel when you learned that the family court system tortures mothers?

Looking for family member or supporters of a noncustodial mother to respond in 500 words or less. Were you as shocked as we were when the information came out? Leave us you name and your surprise at UsedandAbusedNowLoved@gmail.com

Thank you for creating a blog that others can tell a hurting mother how much they care of what they are going through and the torture they had to suffer.


Team Up Against Family Court

What team needs to be created to make political changes in the family court system?

If you have an idea on how to make a team and how they can quickly make changes we need to hear about it. Let us know by contacting TeamUpParents@gmail.com with your idea and name.


Thank you for giving parents a place to come together not only to make changes in a corrupt system, but to be there for other hurting parents who have endured a lot of pain.


Used and Abused Now Loved

Did the family court allow you abuser to continue abusing you and the judge did nothing?

Now that we know the courts allow abusers to continue torturing moms to make it easier to sell the abusive father custody, we want to know how they did this in your case. Email us at UsedandAbusedNowLoved@gmail.com with your story in 500 words or less. Let us know how you want your name to appear. We do need your real name. Make sure to not use names of the judge or abuser.


Thank you for giving these moms support and letting them know they are not the only ones this was happening to.


So Unloved In Custody I’d Die Everyday (SUICIDE)

What are your thoughts on children not being protected by the family court system?

Everyone thought the courts were for the best interest of children, but now we know better. The courts make money from Title IV funding that is the social security fund, we want to hear from anyone about this subject. After all it was your money, they used to not protect children. Contact us at SoUnlovedInCustody@gmail.com and leave your name as you want it to appear if we use your information.


The mom who created this blog could not find anyone who was bringing this subject to light and she felt the need to do so. Thank you for all your hard work and trying to create awareness and let children know they are not alone and to not chose suicide.


Moms Purpose 

How should we change our strategy knowing that the system not only torture moms, but allow fathers to continue to take our babies?

Hopefully, this year we can get out and make our voice hear and bring awareness to exactly what is going on. Send us you suggestions and ideas to Momspurposenow@gmail.com along with how you want your name used and we will take your information into consideration.


Thank you to all the moms who are willing to show up to demonstration and make it known that you want your babies back and that they were illegally taken. You are strong and loving mothers and you can do it, we will be rooting for you!


Deanna Kloostra Divorce Coach   

Will you seek therapy for being tortured even though you let it all go and put it in the past?

Parents how moved on and closed the family court chapter of their life, I need to hear from you. Please email me at deannakloostra@gmail.com and let me know your plans.

A big shout out and thank you goes to Deanna.


Deanna is the one who put two and two together and realized the family court was using torture techniques on the families. We know this road has not been easy and she has experienced all the things Rosa Parks have experienced. We want her to know she has touched so many lives and her hard work and dedication has not gone unnoticed!


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