Be A Source Helps Businesses And Bloggers In The Following Ways.

At the heart of online presence is content marketing. When done properly, content marketing has the potential to scale up the business and change its fortunes. Knowledge is power and it will remain the key for your customers for years to come. Making your content so effective is that it can deliver value to your consumers. Relevant, informative, entertaining, and educational content what online consumers want and benefit from.

Engage with your audience, in a more personal way, brings them back time and time again.

When you are writing articles that are relevant and connecting your readers, we have the sources that have the experience to help you the article writer and the reader. We ask if our sources have a degree because you might want a professional’s understanding. We also have everyday sources that have experienced the content you are writing about, so you can get personal experiences on how the source dealt with the situation.

Writing informative articles that give information and instructions to your readers to help deal with a painful part of their life or solves a problem can come from our source’s creativeness. Sources can not only tell you how the delt with a situation, but some techniques and tips that they did to improve the situation.

Amusing information that entertains your audience will keep them engaged in your article or project. It is up to you to find what entertains your audience and it is up to Be A Source to find those sources for you. You can straight out ask our sources to respond on how they would deal with a situation. You can then write an article on why that response would or would not work well.

If your article will be educational and imparting a particular knowledge or skills, sources have that information you need.

Different kinds of content you can create.

Pay attention to the visual content that you use in your articles. A nice picture says a thousand words, but if the picture helps the reader make your content more understandable the picture is work a million words. With Be A Source you can have a project where sources send in pictures. You can also have them respond to an ad and send a photo to use.

Consumers do not want to read all the time and people learn differently. Text-based content should be more niche-specific and how the reader learns. Your consumer might just learn better by watching so a video will keep them engaged in your content.

User-generated content establishes trust among your readers. Consumers are not going to take your word for it, they want some professionals and others who have been there and walked through the pain they are experiencing.

Video content in replacing television shows. Consumers can watch videos for hours and learn some good information besides watching a movie or television show for hours. You can have our sources send in a video to use for your content. Create a fun project that people would love to participate in.

Influencers are used to boost a product reach. We market to influencers as they make a great source. Other businesses owners are sources as well. Who better to influence your audience than another business owner, who can help you solve a consumer’s problem and maybe network together in the end. Be A Source is all about people networking!

An ad is a great way to boost customer experience and brand storytelling. Create an ad asking for our sources to tell of their experience with your product or a story that happened that benefited them in some way.

Bloggers who are goals focused, strategic in planning, and acting are more effective.

When you blog with a goal in mind, you are more likely to reach the consumer you are looking for. Bloggers do not have documented content marketing strategies and do not see their content marketing as effective. Marketing research data, statistics and charts are useful in different ways when it comes to information you are putting out from your blog. Many bloggers are still using print or offline promotions as effective ways to advertise, even though banner ads are considered effective. It is a challenge creating engaging content by doing in-depth research that takes hours, but bloggers do not understand repurposing those contents by spinning the article to make a new article or making visual content from the information. When bloggers act by looking to see where they can share their content with others and other outlets, they are more effective. Be A Source gives a backlink to your site when you place an ad. When you use a source and write an article, you send that source a link. They will share your article or project with their friends on other media sites.

The 5 most effective content marketing tactics from best to worst:

In-Person Events Webinars / Webcasts Case Studies White Papers

Videos Top 5 social media platforms for content marketers: LinkedIn Twitter YouTube Instagram Pinterest

Most 5 effective paid advertising tactics used by content marketers: Search Engine Marketing Promoted Posts Content Discovery Tools Social Ads Native Ads

Top challenges for content marketers: Producing Engaging Content Measuring Content Effectiveness Producing Content Consistently Measuring the ROI of Content Marketing Programs Lack of Budget Producing a Variety of Content Gaps in Knowledge and Skills of Internal Teams Understanding / Choosing Technology Lack of Integration across marketing Finding or Training Skilled Content Marketing / Content Creation Professionals Lack of buy-in / vision from higher-ups Implementing the technology that we already have

Let Be A Source help you. Purchase an ad by Friday and on Monday we will let our sources know about your article, project, and more.

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