Build Links Through Content Marketing With Be A Source

Be A Source can help you create inbound and outbound links with their sources and your content. Long gone are the days when you can get away with buying links. Links remain one of the top three ranking factors. If you want to rank in 2021, you need a great link profile pointing to your domain. Given the fact that earning links is not getting any easier, knowing where to focus your efforts to gain maximum returns is difficult.

How does Be A Source help you create inbound links?

Be A Source will help you with a link for two weeks when you purchase an ad. A link to your blog is also part of an ad. This will help to bring you traffic and get the word out about what you are about. We have partnered with Beginning Blog Booster group on Facebook that is in a trial stage. They are looking to helping new bloggers get their blog up and going. We also partnered with Newist Blog who list new blogs that are created as well. This will get you another backlink and they both are free.

How do you create outbound links in your content?

Your best approach to link acquisition is going to be through content marketing. Be A Source will bring you sources to help you with writing your content, creating authority, and helping with special projects, testimonies, and more.

There is a lot which can be learned from a well put-together case study that is data-driven and detailed. Once you begin to share a case study, your insight into the processes becomes valuable and you will not struggle to utilize these to earn links from industry publications. Forward to the editors of publications within your niche.

Bloggers are not always subject experts and need to utilize specialists to add weight to their articles. Be A Source has many sources which are experts to draw expertise from and why we ask when sources sign up if they have a degree. This is also the reason why they are targeting grandparents to be sources. Experts are one of the most valuable assets which can be used from a content marketing perspective.

Take the frustration out of finishing projects by hand your deadlines over to expert freelancers. Send them the sources information from the ad you placed with Be A Source. If you place an ad by Friday, Monday sources will be responding. The following Friday send the information you want in your article to a freelancer to finish. Make sure they know how to write the content to get the most out of the information. Our sources are appreciated not only by our giveaways, for being a subscriber, but by being promoted in the articles and projects they respond to. Make sure to send them a link to share with their friends and family. This will help to build up your backlinks and get you around social media.

Interviews can be time-consuming to arrange and pull together. Be A Source can help you find those experts with a simple ad that ask for specific people or to respond to questions. When running an interview, focus your questions on topics which you know your wider audience are genuinely interested in. When you find the perfect expert do a more in-depth interview. Encourage the expert to share specialist insight and advice, top tips, and guidance? This value can be used to outreach to other relevant publishers to earn links.

Long-form educational guides referred to by some as “power pages” can be a great way to earn links from both resource pages and contextually. Longer content typically adds value to a topic and contains information that others want to link to. The first step here is understanding the questions your audience wants to know and form a basis for guides which you can develop to answer these better than any other resource out there. Then write a guide on how to make improvement.

Earn links from new audiences and double up on resources by consider collaborating with a complementary (not competing) brand. This is a win – win situation! With two marketing teams promoting the content, this can be an effective way to get more traffic, get known for what your blog is about, and find more subscribers you might not have reached.

Local newspapers and online or print publications are great places to land news co coverage, get known in the community and provide guidance through a regular column. Local publications are stretched for resources. This means they might just welcome high-quality content and stories of local success. Local links are typically much easier wins while still retaining a great level of authority and relevancy.

If you want to conduct research of your own and put together a whitepaper, this can be a fantastic way to earn industry-specific links. You will be adding value and giving a fresh insight into a topic. Have our sources answer a few questions and then then set up phone interviews to get more specific information. Once complete and you have a relevant story, reach out and promote to industry-relevant reporters. Make sure to have a story, data, and insights available.

Become the influencer and build an audience who consider you as one of the thought leaders in your industry. Reach out to a journalist on a news topic and offer your insight and comment? Who better to help you become this influencer than our retired experts who have incites, know how the industry not only works, but where it need improvement! You can almost guarantee that reporter will use your response. You will stand out way above your competitors doing the same.

Pull together stories backed by your own data, collected through a survey, you are positioning your content as highly attractive to newspapers, industry publications, and the like. Typically, you need at least 2,000 respondents for the press to consider it a fair piece of research. Ask a few questions in your ad with Be A Source and take the ones you like and do a further question and answer. Just make sure you do not waste our sources time and just get as much fee info as you can. Provide and incentive to continue the answer the questions besides just being promoted as a source. Maybe give out a free coffee or something. You can do this easily by purchasing a gift card and providing a picture of the code to the responder.

If you know what your target audience wants and needs, you should be able to create some great content and drive traffic, rankings, links, and conversions up on your blog. Then start looking at monetizing your blog and making money.