How Does BeAsource.Net Work?

There are two different parts to Be A Source. In this article we will discuss the source as our employees and our customers as businesses.

No money is paid to our employees (sources) instead they receive recognition as compensation for their knowledge, experiences, or information. It is our belief that the more fun our employees have, the more they will share our information with their friends so they can have fun as well. Our goal is to come up with way to create fun for our employees. This can be done in the form of fun ads/pitches, giveaways, challenges, and more.

An example of ad/pitches was from Tooting Bee, a company for kids with autism. The company placed an ad/pitch for sources to email them a video or a voice recording of them singing a fun song to children. They were then placed on a blog or their YouTube channel so kids could watch or listen to the music. How much fun would that be?

Businesses want to give their products away and used so the person who received them can tell their friends and family about the product. Be A Source will partner with these businesses so that their sources/influencers have a chance to win these great products.

Sometimes we like to challenge our sources/influencers and we may run a contest for others to decide who wins. We may put them on our YouTube channel for others to view as well.

In the traditional since our employees are considered sources, but today they are more like influencers. Our business is considered as a marketing and advertising form of business for journalist. Back in the day journalist needed sources to help then to understand what they were reporting/writing about, and to make the information credible. Sources, experts, and expert witnesses at a scene were all used to make their audience know that the information being provided was true. When bloggers came along, they needed others personal experiences on subjects they were blogging about. Then influencers came along and changed how products were sold or advertised. Influencers are sources on steroids! Influencers are about a certain industry such as fashion, make up, product reviews. These influencers become experts that people trusted, and they learned of new products that were out on the market. Business started paying influencers with a lot of followers to showcase their products or give reviews about the product. There is no better advertisement than word of mouth! Be A Source is not trying to reach the top influencers, sources with PhD’s, or bloggers/vloggers with a million subscribers. We are trying to help them get to that many subscribers.

Who is the best source to have?

Grandparents are the best sources to have on the planet with their wealth of information and experiences. Does a grand parent want to be an influencer? No, they do not. America is wasting this precious source that can help businesses and students just by the knowledge they obtain. This is why we use the term source and not influencers. Don’t get us wrong we love influencers as well, but they are more than likely younger sources with limited information.