The Best Ads or Pitches on BeAsource.Net

At Be A Source we are all about having fun and helping others. So, the best ads/pitches are ones that are fun, help others, and can be shared with the community to have fun.

A great example of this was an ad/pitch from Tooting Bee, a company for kids with autism. The company placed an ad/pitch for sources/influencers to email them a video or a voice recording of them singing a fun song. These videos or recordings were then placed on their blog or their YouTube channel so children could watch or listen to the music. Who would not want to be part of something like that? How much fun would that be?

We also like to spoil our sources and free giveaways are a great way to do this.

If you are doing a giveaway to get more traffic to your website or social media, we would love to partner with you on this. We want to keep it fun and not make our sources answer a bunch of questions though. If the giveaway is just a like the page and comment below, count us in! We love to partner on these and have a spot open for one giveaway a week in our fun email.

Are you doing a fun challenge on your site?

Who does not love a fun challenge! We will be doing some of these ourselves. If you are interested in promoting your challenge or working together, let us know. TikTok challenges are popular at the moment. There is talk of TikToK being banned in the United States so get those challenges going!

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