What Do You Call A Source On Steroids?

BeAsource.Net calls sources on steroids influencers. Back in the day journalist needed sources to help them to understand what they were reporting/writing about and to make the information being presented credible. Sources, experts, and expert witnesses at a scene were all used to make their audience know that the information being provided was true, up to date, and someone who was there when it happened.

When bloggers came along, they needed others personal experiences on subjects they were blogging about but were not professionals. An example of this was a stay at home mom who created a blog needed other mother’s experience, on how they trained their kids who did not want to potty train. Moms would provide what they did that worked on their kids.

Then influencers came along and influenced others on fashions that were in, new products that they used, or experience at a certain business. This information changed how products were sold or advertised. Influencers became sources on steroids in their niche!

Influencers become experts that people trusted.

Followers learned of new products that were out, research, and the good, bad, and ugly of a product they were thinking about purchasing. It did not take long for business to started paying influencers with a lot of followers to showcase their products or give reviews on their products. There is no better advertisement than word of mouth and that is exactly what an influencer does! While influencers are building their audiences trust, we encourage them to join Be A Source so they can help others, get known, and make new connections.

Networking is what business is all about. Be A Source hopes to be the connector of brining together businesses who need others help to grow their business. They also hope to help their sources/influencers have fun helping others, networking, getting known, and making connections.