What Is The Difference Between BeAsource.Net and HARO?

BeASource.Net is very different from Help A Reporter Out (HARO). Below we will look at the difference between these two marketing and advertising sites. These sites are very different in not only how they structure their site, but what they do for their journalist and sources.

Be A Source focuses on their sources and how they can make being a sources fun. They also work hard to help the journalist, blogger, student get more viewers to their site and get known by more. Looking for fun ads and fun ways to do things is their key goal. HARO appears to be more on strict guidelines! Read below and make your decisions.

Be A Source sends one email with information about what’s new with the company, what’s happening this week, and insights to sources. The email always has a link to the ad page along with the password. Sometimes you get a positive quote or a funny story. You look forward to receiving the email. Help A Reporter Out (HARO) has sources that connect with journalist who are writing articles. Boring! You must monitor the source inbox three times a day five days a week to see if you want to respond to an ad. Who has time for all that? If you are a busy person like most, monitoring an email three times a day is time consuming. I am only checking the email if I am board!

You can go to one of the five pages to find ads with Be A Source. This means you can be subject specific, or you can check out all the pages. If you work in Healthcare, you might have time to only brows the Health section. Once you click on the HARO email, you must search through ads by journalist you are not even interested in. This is a waste of my time if I am taking time out to be serious about placing an ad.

Responding to ads is a great way to get not only your name out there, but your business. Many business owners will respond to ads. Responding to articles that share a link to your page helps to get your site visitors. With five categories to choose from, it is easy to look and move on if you are not interested in posting. You must wait for ads you are interested in to appear for weeks in HAROs emails. Sometimes you just want to respond so you will respond to an ad about an off subject you know about. If you are a business owner trying to get your name and business out there, this is a big waste of time. Keep focused, you can do it!

You will love clicking on the business sites link and checking them out. Do some research about this business and you never know, even start a business relationship. Write a great pitch and your interest of working together. Killing two birds with one stone is what this is called. With HARO you know nothing about

the business you are responding to most of the time! I really want to know if this business is something I want to support and help? If I am responding to an ad about children, I have no clue if it is a porn site or something, I won’t know until they respond to my information, if they respond.

Don't be confused between the differences between Be A Source and HARO
Be A Source V HARO

We love to help student who need sources. Grandparents are sought by us because they have a lot of knowledge to share. Putting together college students and grandparents so write a report with these sources can give you history and personal experiences. With Covid – 19 it is even harder to find sources for student reports and Be A Source can help. Students must be writing for a publication at a college level or higher and cannot be doing school assignments at HARO.

No matter if you are a source, parent, influencer, business owner, networking is the name of the game! You need to get to know others and help each other out, that is what you do for friends. If you are trying to get to know reporters using HARO, forget it. HARO has special email response to reporters. I am sure reporters love this but trying to find out who the good reporters are, and who your trust to work with gets tougher.

Businesses, bloggers, and others know if they place an ad on Friday, they know the following week they will have source information to write an article. This keeps the information organized and on track for the writer. Sources are more likely to get prompt responses back from the ads and the following week be in an article. If you make a pitch to an ad and sometimes hear back a month later, it is frustrating. If the person placing the ad or writing the article wants more information, you don’t remember what you posted, and your thoughts were at the time of writing the response.

HARO is great if you are just writing an article but not so fun for sources. With Be A Source you are not limited to writing articles. Ads can be placed for testimonies, product reviews, research and more. They responses can be done not only by email, but videos, phone appointments and more! How fun is that?

Businesses or bloggers looking for speakers, what a great way to find them by placing an ad with us. Not only will you find the perfect speaker, but you will be advertising your event that sources might want to attend. Why HARO would ban such information is besides us.

Send sources interested in your surveys, comment on a blog, or provide testimonies for your product, we would love to have you do so. Make sure our sources can be quoted etc…. if they want, and we are happy to help. HARO does not allow this and it almost feels like they are trying to control help promote the blogger, journalist, or student!

You do not have to have a ranking on Alexa!

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