Why We Need Grandparents At Be A Source

Grandparents have lived a long life and have a wealth of information and experience to share with others. We all need grandparents and not just Be A Source! According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average worker currently holds ten different jobs before age forty, and this number is projected to grow.

Today, many grandparents are watching their grandkids, providing daycare, or even raising their grandkids.

Blogs are spring up that help grandparents keep their grandkids entertained with games and fun stuff to do. Daycare has changed from when grandparents were raising their own kids. Kids rule electronics when electronics were not even around until grandparents were out of school. Some grandparents even call their grandchildren their “IT” department. Things happen in life and grandparents maybe raising their grandkids. Blogs help bridge the gap between the generations and bring them together. Imagine a college student writing on the history of families and needing a source to make their report credible. Where would they go if they did not have any grandparents? What if they were writing about Princess Diana’s tragic death and wanted to know who people were thinking when it happened, and needed more than one source? Where would they go to find this information quick, fast, and easy?

Grandparents are bored and need more to do.

Let us face it, there is not a lot for grandparents to do to keep busy. Golf for the guys and a cruise for the women are popular, but what do grandparents do in the meantime? Go to their kid’s house and wait for the cable guy to show up and install cable so the grandkids can watch TV. Go to the local VFW hall and hang out every weekend gets old quick and fast. The pandemic has grandparents in less contact with others. Imagine not having a lot to do or places to go and then a pandemic and now you have even less contact than before. Depression can set in quick and fast with our grandparents. They need something to do, something to talk about, something fun, and something to keep their mind off of today’s troubles. If our economy gets worse, we are going to need out grandparents to help us learn to can food and some of the ways they may have done things when times were rough.

Be A Source can keep grandparents engaged, up to date on the world, and a way to have fun.

When grandparents become a source with us, they will be responding to ads with businesses that are new with new ideas and challenges. Grandparents this will keep them up to date on what is happening in businesses and family life with all those bloggers. We have giveaways and ads that grandparents can engage in and be a part of something bigger.

Businesses are writing an article and need sources with a college education. Readers sometimes need information that is provided by someone in the field with a degree. People working in that field are busy working, raising kids, and truing to relax and find a hard time to just sit and talk with someone for an hour about their job. Who would not be voiding that like the plague? Once we leave work, we want to leave it behind and get other things done and plan some fun. Grandparents are home just wishing they had someone to talk to. They miss working and seeing their friends and have some great stories to share, but no one is asking them about them. Be A Source has people who need the help and want to know!

So please sign up with us if you are a grandparent or tell your grandparents about us. We look forward to having them be part of our family.

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