You Will Not Find Be A Source On Facebook And Here Is Why

We love being able to keep in touch with family and friends while we are traveling the world and being remote, but this is America and in America we have freedom of speech. If Zuckerberg wants to “rub elbows” with the government and spy on people, he better get a few things straight. We now see Facebook Book as Anti-American! We put bad people in jail and not for freedom of speech!

American’s love their freedom!

When you take away my right to express how I feel, think, and do you have crossed the line! The American government has become a soap opera, a daytime dramatic talk show. NO one trust the government and by censoring us to talk about it and the corruption going on, will crash and burn your business.

American’s do not like jail!

Jail was set up for those who break the law. When you freeze someone’s speech and they start saying they are in “Facebook Jail,” you have a serious problem going on. When someone is “jailed” and they have no clue why or because they shared something of others, you just pissed off a customer. American’s do not like to be jailed for something that was not illegal.

Zuckerberg, like the government, does not realize they serve the people.

Censoring the truth, doing shady things, and spying on people will not make them happy. Are we really surprised that Zuckerberg’s business is turning out like this? He screwed over another person and started Facebook without them. Sounds just like what the government does. Birds of a feather flock together and that is why he has flocked to the government. Zuckerberg has a new daddy and we called it the “United States Corporate Thieves”

The search is on!

People are searching for a new social media sites and transitioning their Facebook accounts. People are joining Me We and business owners have stopped advertising their businesses on Facebook. As for Be A Source, we will not be using Facebook at all and decided to go with MyBubblz, Pinterest, YouTube, and LinkedIn. You can find a link to these sites on the home page of our website.

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